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Cooking and feeding people has always been one of my greatest passions.  I get so much joy from putting something yummy down on the table for the people I love. 


When I met my wife, Annie, I had found the ultimate person to cook for, but cooking for her came with a challenge. Annie had been diagnosed with Celiac disease, which meant all of our meals had to be gluten free.  In my quest to become her Gluten-Free-Knight-in-Shining-Armor, I turned my kitchen into a laboratory and spent the next six years researching and conducting wild experiments. 


I could never be satisfied giving my beautiful wife sub-par treats so I learned to make gluten free foods so delicious that people wouldn’t know they were gluten free unless I told them!


One day Annie asked if I could make some gluten free blueberry muffins.  She hadn’t had a muffin in over 10 years!  She loved the muffin I created and we decided to share them with our family and friends.  They loved them too and soon people were asking if they could be purchased.  Thus, Yum Tums was born and our Gluten-Free Blueberry Muffin journey began.  


I hope you enjoy my foods as much as I love creating them. 

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